Dear Mr. Freid:

My company has been using MTA's products since January 1990, and I wish to express our praise and satisfaction after our prolonged experience in the use of Stardust, Pre-Stardust and Star Cleaner. These products are the exclusive base of all the restoration work we perform and the maintenance procedures that we suggest and supervise.

Through our decision of relying solely on your line of products and suggested methods of use, we have tied our reputation and future success to your state-of-the art products, we have had a tremendous success in switching my customers from the costly, difficult and mostly unsatisfactory methods of stone care that they had been using so far.

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefit of your products and methods to economically restore stone to its natural polish. I, for one, am proud to present your line of products and teach their use to all those who want the best for their stone.

More than once your products have been the only answer short of replacement for floors that were suffering from many years of abuse or the consequences of risky processes, like recrystallization.

Please keep up the good work and continue to stay on the forefront of our industry. We look forward to growing with you.



David R. Spain

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